Matchless & Private White VC

At Six Whiting Street we are always trying to find exciting and innovative ways of launching new brands that we stock. We have teamed up with Norwegian-based photographer Lasse Fløde and custom motorcycle builders Old Empire Motorcycles and Krazy Horse to produce a collection of Portraits, which celebrate the arrival of brands Matchless and Private White V.C. into the store. Lasse made his name shooting portraits and recent work includes Kate Moss and musician Dan Kroll. 

Creating this artwork was about making something that would last and that our customers would enjoy. It was also about supporting other local business’s, which for us is really important as it’s all about standing together when it comes to being an independent, and the ones we have collaborated with and feature in the portraits shows how well smaller independent businesses can stand alongside bigger brands if given the opportunity. It was also about producing something that was beautiful and done to the highest standard, which for us is something we try and emanate daily within the store. 

It is important that everyone we work with shares a passion for both product and provenance and in an ever changing world we think that this philosophy is key to ensure that our customers have an undoubted faith in what we do and why we do it. Being an independent is really the opposite, it’s all about collaboration and working together.

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